Bean Dish

I was late getting out of the house this morning but by cracky, I promised you a recipe a day and you are going to get one!
Bean Dish is always a favourite at potlucks, as long as they aren't vegetarian potlucks.

Cut up, fry separately, and drain fat from:

¾ lb bacon 
1 lb hamburger

Add 1 can lima beans, 1 can kidney beans and 1 can brown beans.
Add 3 heaping tb brown sugar and ½ c ketchup.
Simmer over low heat, covered, for a half-hour or longer; they say the longer you cook it, the better it is. Stir every once in a while to make sure it's not scorching on the bottom. 
Excellent with minced onion added during the meat-frying stage, if you're an onion-lover, as I am.

I'm having a hard time deciding whether to list this in the index under Main Courses or Sides. It's perfectly satisfying as a main course, served with toast or a bun, kind of like chili is. 

* This recipe was shared with me by a high school friend, Sue, who is an excellent cook.

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