Katherine’s Kentucky Fried Tofu and Gravy

2 tb olive oil
2 tb sesame seeds
1 lb tofu sliced into 8 pieces
½ c nutritional yeast
2 tb samari sauce

Heat oil, add sesame seeds and let them sizzle. 
Dredge tofu in nutritional yeast. 
When oil and seeds are hot, fry tofu slices. 
Drizzle tamari sauce over all. 
Remove from pan.

½ c soy margarine (I used regular margarine)
½ c flour
1 to 1½ c soy milk (I used cow’s milk)
salt, pepper, tamari

Melt margarine in the tofu pan with any remaining nutrional yeast that has fallen off the tofu. 
Stir in flour; let it brown. 
Add milk; stir till thickened. 
Add salt, pepper and tamari to taste.

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