Popeye Pasta

I always find this one a little labour-intensive but it's well worth it. It's something different; a special occasion sort of meal:

8 ounces angel hair or capellini pasta
1 tb salt
1 tb cooking oil
2 c diced roma (or any) tomatoes
3 garlic cloves, minced or chopped
2 tb olive oil
3 c coarsely chopped fresh spinach, tightly packed
1 tb balsamic vinegar
¾ tsp dried marjoram
½ tsp salt
pinch sugar
sprinkle pepper
1 c crumbled feta cheese

Add first amount oil to cooked pasta and keep warm. 
Meanwhile sauté tomato and garlic in second amount oil in large frying pan for two minutes. 
Add next six ingredients; heat and stir one minute until spinach wilts and heats through. 
Pour over pasta, add feta and toss.

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